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31. 01. 2019.

"One heart, one team" for the fourth time

The action of Nelt employees under the slogan "One heart, one team" was organized on the last day of January. For the fourth time, employees in management, distribution and delivery services spent their working day together, visiting points of sales in Serbia. In the spirit of the Caring mentality, one of the key values ​​of Nelt, this action encourages open communication, team collaboration and motivation.

This was a unique opportunity for more than 70 employees in the management to get to know the different working environment, daily tasks that arise in the distribution and delivery services and to give their contribution on the field. On the other hand, employees in distribution and delivery were supported in their work tasks. The action was organized in all regional distributive centers, branch offices and cross-dock centers in Serbia.

"I had a visit with Mirko Vučićević, my colleague from the sales department. He is in charge of Neoplanta and Dr Oetker portfolio. We visited stores in Konjarnik and South Boulevard. It was interesting! I rearranged products, checked expiration dates, and learned how to create an order... I think that with this action we have a chance to meet our colleagues from the organization, exchange information and get a wider picture of our core business," said one of the participants, Bojana Cvetković, Treasury Manager.

The “One heart, one team” is being organized since 2017.