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  • NELT_izbor_137_1.jpg 02. 10. 2019.

    Nelt has implemented the software eDIS


    In the objective of improving of user satisfaction, Nelt has implemented the software of prominent company Sarda, and introduced the Reach Stacker (forklift), brand Hyster in its intermodal terminal processes. In this manner, informational flow and system reliability, as well as increase of speed and efficiency of operations performed on the terminal have additionally been upgraded. 

    Implementation of Sarda software ...

  • 48820687106_de0b404e29_k.jpg 02. 10. 2019.

    The closure of Nelt educational program 4

    A conference that rounds up one-year informal education called “Nelt educational program” was held on 27th of Septembar. This year, a joint effort of participants of the fourth generation of Nelt educational program resulted with a conference “Networking to change” (Umrežavanjem do promene).

    As the bearers of our society's development, NEP4 participants had been given the opportunity to design, organize and moderate discussions on the topics that interested them the most during the...

  • 1oonajvecih.jpg 23. 09. 2019.

    Nelt among "The 100 Greatest"

    At "The 100 Greatest" ceremony, held on September 20th in Belgrade, awards were given to the best companies in terms of revenue, profit, number of employees and exports. In addition to Nelt, NIS, EPS, DIPOS, Porsche Belgrade, Gradina, DIS, MOL, Imlek, Meat Industry Matijevic, Clover Serbia, Krupnik, GIM, Knez Petrol, AURA, Coopservice, Gigatron, Matis, Nissan Serbia, Lovo Traffic, Don Don, DTD Fisheries, Agropromet… were also awarded.

    "The 100 Greatest" project is being implemented in...

  • nelt_NEP.png 20. 09. 2019.

    A conference - Nelt Education Program 4

    Nelt Education Program 4 participants invite you to a conference that rounds up their one-year education program.

    As the bearers of our society's development, they have been given the opportunity to design, organize and moderate discussions on the topics that interest them the most. If you are interested in participating in finding solutions to social challenges, join us.


    See you in Nova Iskra’s new space, on Dorćol, Belgrade!

  • Deciji_dan_2019_eng.png 04. 09. 2019.

    Kids Day at Nelt, Serbia

    This year's Kids Day was once again organized for our employees' children! Almost 200 children spent the first day of September learning, playing, having fun and making new friends at Nelt's center in Dobanovci, Serbia.

    With the help of animators from Čigra center, they learned various choreographies and safely toured the warehouse - and saw forklifts up close! In addition, creative workshops, team games and face drawing impressed our little guests.

    This year’s event once again s...