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  • AVV_8628.JPG 22. 12. 2018.

    Nelt wins Stanton Chase award for Talent Management

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  • LN.JPG 21. 12. 2018.

    Nelt receives "The Victor" award

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  • 20181130_090402.jpg 03. 12. 2018.

    Nelt receives incitement for development of combined transport

    By signing a contract with the Serbian government on November 30, 2018. Nelt has been given incentives to improve combined transport. The subsidy will be used for the purchase of transshipment equipment and software. The ministry in charge of transportation stimulated seven public and private companies with a total amount of 114 million dinars.


    The ceremony was attended by Ranko Sočanac, one of the directors of Nelt and the signatory of the contract. For the Serbian government, t...

  • 1223.jpg 23. 11. 2018.

    Nelt Group published new Sustainability Report

    A new report on the sustainable business under the title “Healthy Organization” has been published this November and it relates to the operations of all companies within the Nelt Group in the West Balkans region during the period 2016/17.

    This reporting practice initiated in 2016 by publishing the “Responsible distribution” on Nelt business operations in Serbia during 2014/15.

    By use of measurable indicators, the significant aspects of business operations of our company and their i...

  • Dorucak_sa_novinarima_2.jpg 20. 11. 2018.

    Business expansion and focus on the logistics services

    Celebrating two and a half decades of successful business, Nelt invested 15 million euros this year in the regional expansion of integrated logistics services. One of the most successful domestic business systems today employs 4,000 people in 11 companies, in as many markets in South East Europe as Africa. As a leader in the provision of state-of-the-art distribution and logistics services, Nelt will generate a consolidated net income of 930 million euros in 2018.

    In the year that mark...