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  • 366x500_NELT_Sales_Academy_NEW_Logo.png 16. 08. 2017.

    Nelt opened a Merchandising school

    Within the programme of the Nelt Sales Academy, a Merchandising school was opened on August the10th. This Show room is where employees on positions such are Merchandisers, Key account managers and Refillers have an opportunity to improve their skills, acquire certain knowledge and apply it practically with the aim of the overall training.


    “Opening of such a school represents a great comparative advantage of our company with regard to others on the market because, apart from inter...

  • Radovan_Radulovi_izvrsni_direktor_Montenomaksa.JPG 24. 07. 2017.

    First public meeting for employees held at Montenomaks C&L regarding the merger of this company with the Nelt Group

    More than 100 employees joined the first public meeting for employees of the company Montenomaks C&L regarding its merger with the Nelt Group. The meeting was held on July 21 at the seat of this company in Danilovgrad. 
    Montenomaks C&L was founded in 1999 and has about 140 employees in 12 branches all over Montenegro, which, together with cooperation with 4.000 active clients makes this company one of the leading in this market. Montenomaks C&L provides a complete logistical serv...
  • NL220_Flogoskin_banner_1920x835px_04.jpg 10. 07. 2017.

    Nelt introduces its new brand FlogoSkin

    This year Nelt launched its first brand within Nelt Pharmaceuticals division under the name “FlogoSkin”.   
    The FlogoSkin was developed according to a carefully concocted formula, containing ingredients that enable the product’s both rapid and effective action.  Its application is recommended for inflammatory processes on the skin, burns, frostbite, acne, rash, pressure sores... It stands out among other similar products on the market for its superior paraben-free formula with pa...
  • 1ewr.png 05. 06. 2017.

    We present to you “Helt“, a new brand of NELT

    This spring NELT launched its new brand called “Helt“. A range of 12 products made of nuts and dried fruit was created as a response to recognised needs of consumers who has a fast life style but take care of their health and nutrition. For start, the products can be found in markets in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.
    “Helt“ products are available in packages of 45g and 50g in two lines: as individual peanuts, almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, cashews and pecans on o...
  • MG_3523.jpg 02. 06. 2017.

    NELT Grupa’s Traditional Management Team Building

    NELT Grupa’s traditional team building event for the company's management this year took place on May 26-27 at FSS Stara Pazova. Around 180 employees coming from all across NELT Grupa attended this two-day event. The slogan Change is not strange was a true reflection of the underlying theme: changes that are inevitable within any organization, which is growing in a dynamic business environment. 
    Our company's progress warrants special attention to the changes that await us in the...