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  • 1ewr.png 5. Jun 2017.

    We present to you “Helt“, a new brand of NELT

    This spring NELT launched its new brand called “Helt“. A range of 12 products made of nuts and dried fruit was created as a response to recognised needs of consumers who has a fast life style but take care of their health and nutrition. For start, the products can be found in markets in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro.
    “Helt“ products are available in packages of 45g and 50g in two lines: as individual peanuts, almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts, cashews and pecans on o...
  • MG_3523.jpg 2. Jun 2017.

    NELT Grupa’s Traditional Management Team Building

    NELT Grupa’s traditional team building event for the company's management this year took place on May 26-27 at FSS Stara Pazova. Around 180 employees coming from all across NELT Grupa attended this two-day event. The slogan Change is not strange was a true reflection of the underlying theme: changes that are inevitable within any organization, which is growing in a dynamic business environment. 
    Our company's progress warrants special attention to the changes that await us in the...
  • 2_Nelt_logistics_1920x760px.jpg 25. May 2017.

    Representatives of the European logistics association visited NELT

    President and vice-president of the European Logistics Association (ELA), Paolo Bisogni and Jos Marinus, visited the central business complex of the company NELT in Dobanovci on May 22. Since the mission of the ELA organization is to promote the logistics profession and supply chain management, the visit was based on familiarising the senior representatives of the Association with the logistics capacities of NELT. 
    Representatives of the company NELT presented to their guests the...
  • 1_54438.jpg 25. May 2017.

    Visiting lecture of the NELT representatives at the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade

    Within the scope of strategic cooperation between the company NELT Co. and the Faculty of Economics in Belgrade, a visiting lecture was held on May 18 for all interested students.
    Students had the opportunity to listen to the lectures “Manner of working with key buyers” and “Sales skills – finances in retail operations” prepared for them by NELT employees Nikola Elezović, National Modern Trade Manager and Goran Dulić, Business Unit Manager. The programme “Dobar start” also receiv...
  • 22_05_54345.jpg 22. May 2017.


    Arrival of a cargo train from the port of Piraeus in Greece to NELT’s intermodal railway terminal in Dobanovci marked the official beginning of the cooperation between the Chinese shipping and logistics company COSCO (China Ocean Shipping Group) and NELT. COSCO, being one of the global leaders in the area of logistics, recognised Nelt’s intermodal terminal in Belgrade as a logistics hub in the Balkans, thanks to its excellent location, and technical and technological advantages.