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Social responsibility

Our policy of social responsibility is based on ethical operations and the aim to help create a better environment for our employees, partners and the wider social community, along with achieving good business results and a high degree of responsibility towards the environment.

The products we distribute maintain a high and constant quality, and the whole of our business is focused on meeting the demands of clients and consumers, which is also confirmed by the ISO 9001 certification. All our facilities are designed and constructed in a manner that ensures protection of the environment, and company-wide observation and implementation of all labor safety measures. Cooperation with partners is built exclusively on mutual respect and trust.

On the ocassion of marking 20 years of establishing our business operations, in 2012, we decided to initiate a brand new corporate social responsibility (CSR) long-term strategy. Realising the strategic importance and necessity of education on the national level, and bearing in mind the real social conditions, we decided to - through concepting, funding and realization of various educational projects - show our aspiration toward the modernisation, progress and overal wellbeing of the community we live and work in. By providing new possibilities to the most talented pupils, scholars and students, we support the best of us, those who will be the leaders in progress in our country in the years to come.

For many years now, we connect with  the institutions of higher education in countries we operate in, so that we can properly prepare students to enter the business world and begin their professional careers. Through expert lectures, visits to the company, and internship programs, we provide young people with the opportunity to gain practical knowledge on the functioning of business processes in a large business system, that will later on help them find a suitable employment and integrate into a business environment of our or another organisation. So far, we signed Memorandums of Association with the Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering, Faculty of Electric Engineering, Faculty of Organisational Sciences, and the Faculty of Finance and Administration in Belgrade.
In collaboration with the Gallery  12 HUB in Belgrade, we carried out a program with 30 students from six Faculties in Belgrade entitled “Interdisciplinary cooperation as a development potential for young professionals in the fields of art, science, and new technologies”, in June 2014. The New York Times magazine recognised this endeavour as a bright example of collaboration between business and cultural NGO.
For the fourth year in a row, Nelt provides tallented students of the Faculty of Music in Belgrade  with the opportunity to present their skills and achievments to public via series of concerts in the Centre of Fine Arts Guarnerius. More than 50 young musical talents had the opportunity to present themselves through solo or group concerts, and collaboration with the Centre of Fine Arts Guarnerius will continue in the upcoming period.
In 2015, a grand interactive exhibition dedicated to Mihajlo Pupin presenting the most extensive dissection of his life and work was displayed in the Historical Museum of Serbia, sponsored by Nelt. The exhibition encompassed Pupin’s activities in the field of science, teaching and literary work, as well as in the domain of founding and promoting the most significant scientific institutions in America. The new AR (augmented reality) technology was used in the setting.
As of 2016, Nelt is a member of the Global Compact, the biggest world citizen initiative under United Nations. This membership binds a company to harmonize its operations with ten universal goals in the fields of human rights, work, environmental protection and anti-corruption.