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Public Customs Warehouse Services

Over 3,000 m2 of customs warehouse space at your disposal for customs goods storage, within the convenience of a logistics complex, at the address 206 Maršala Tita Street, Dobanovci 11272.
Thanks to the excellent technical equipment and experience of our employees we are able to provide full service warehousing, including sorting, picking and distribution of goods in accordance with good business practices and in compliance with official regulations applying for type A customs warehouse. Customs goods are under customs control and it is possible to get the goods cleared partially, according to your needs. 
An additional convenience is the location of the Customs office of warehouses within the logistics center complex Nelt Co. in Dobanovci offering sufficient parking capacities and support services (e.g. restaurant, car wash service, and restrooms with showers).
The regulation on determining the customs authorities for clearance of certain types of goods or provision of certain procedures, which entered into force on May 30, 2015, specifies that the goods, which are transported by road traffic in one vehicle, shipped to multiple recipients, can be put into the transit procedure at the entrance customs office, if it is to be assigned to defined organizational units of the Customs Office Belgrade. Our Warehouse Customs Office is one of the defined offices for the reception of these so-called cumulative shipments.
In order to receive an optimal service, please fill out the form for the Announcement of the Storing and Handling of Goods in the Public Customs Warehouse.
Guide for Storing of Goods in the Customs Warehouse (with relevant contact information) 
Guide for Reloading of Goods (with relevant contact information)
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